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Donna Olshan
Direct: 212-751-3300 x110

1049 Fifth Ave. 19B
1 East End Avenue PHC
114 East 84th Street 5A
220 E. 73rd Street 10DE

101 CPW, 5C/5D
10 Gracie Square 11/12F
101 Central Park West, 4B
40 Bond Street 5C
11 Beach Street 7A
188 East 78th Street, 24B
300 Central Park West
218 East 61st Street
641 Fifth Avenue 30CD
137 East 66th Street PH9B
300 Central Park West
101 Warren Street
14 West 17th Street 10 FL
15 West 81st St.
955 Fifth Avenue 4B
217 West 19th Street PH11
969 Park Avenue
524 East 72nd street
1080 5th Ave. Apt. 4C
151 West 86th Street 6D
11 Fifth Avenue 9DC
188 East 78th Street 5/6C
875 Park Avenue 11A
188 East 76th Street 12A
200 East 69th Street 21C
450 East 83rd Street, 12C
11 East 86th Street, 17A
1111 Park Avenue 5A
2 Fifth Avenue 11MN
1 East 66th Street 10A
45 East 85th Street 8B
33 Riverside Drive 14C
262 Central Park West 4D
45 East 85th Street 4D
8 East 83rd Street 12F
388 West Broadway
860 UN Plaza 24A
10 West 86th St.
316 West 79th Street 12E
870 United Nations Plaza
480 Park Avenue 12G
16 Oriole Avenue
105 West 89th Street
45 East 85th Street
45 East 85th Street
173 Perry Street
164 West 79th Street 3D
45 East 85th Street 6E
195 Bowery Street, 6th Floor
9-11 Putnam Park Rd.
220 Riverside Blvd.
170 East End Ave. 3L
46 West 75th Street PH6
40 East 83rd Street, 8W
1356 Madison Ave. 4S
229 E 79 7A/B
45 East 85th Street 8E
450 East 83rd Street 7A
9 Southway, Bronxville
45 East 85th Street 5E
15 West 81st street
30 West 86th Street
114 East 84th Street 6D
128 East 16th Street
120 East 79th Street 15/16CD
340 East 64 St. 14H
115 East 87th street
77 Bleecker Street PH 13/15
301 East 48th street, 15/16C
1056 Fifth Avenue, #6D
34 Gramercy Park East, 3BR
229 E. 79 7A
55 Park Avenue 7E
415 East 54th Street 9E
1120 Park Avenue 19C
333 Rector Place 1010
9 Barrow Street 4M
230 Park Place
39 East 12th Street #208
300 Central Park West
250 West 16th Street 3D
2 Beekman Place
48 East 83rd street
35 Sutton Place
32 Gramercy Park South, 10H
200 East 27th Street, 10W
227 Central Park West, 1D
70 East 93rd Street
67 East 11th Street 214
32 Gramercy Park South, 13E
245 East 24th Street, 11K
136 East 56th Street 7K
210 East 15th Street, 10P
245 East 24th Street, 4B
245 East 24th Street, Apt. 10K
465 Park
151 East 85th Street, 10C
101 Warren Street 2460 (rental)
99 Warren Street, 9L
845 United Nations Plaza
220 Riverside Blvd 40B
760 West End Avenue, Apt 7A
200 East 66th Street
170 East End Avenue 2C
245 East 24th Street, Apt. 15D


Donna Olshan is the President and sole owner of Olshan Realty Inc. which she started in 1980. The company is known for its high level of service, innovative marketing techniques, relocation department and cutting edge technology.

Olshan is the author of the Olshan Luxury Report, published weekly, and frequently quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Observer, The Real Deal, Crain's, Politico, and various media outlets. The report covers all the contracts signed in Manhattan at $4 million and above is considered an industry standard, and the "go to" resource for buyers, sellers, developers, banks, hedge funds, and various institutions looking for a pulse on the Manhattan luxury market. It has a global list of subscribers.

Olshan Realty Inc. is a trend setter. It was the first residential brokerage company to have a corporate relocation department. Olshan has represented every major corporate relocation company in addition to a long list of Fortune 500 companies that have included Sony, General Electric, IBM, Citicorp, Mercedes Benz, Credit Suisse, Cartus, Brookfield Global Relocation, Coldwell Banker Relocation, Prudential, Associates Relocation and Royal LePage of Canada. Olshan Realty was the exclusive Manhattan broker representing the group moves of Mobil, Exxon, J.C. Penney, American Home Products, and GTE.

"We attracted our following among the corporations because of our service. I am a great believer in follow up and meticulous attention to detail. It is important to listen to what the customer wants. Many brokers can't meet the paperwork and reporting demands of corporations and their executives. Word of mouth and repeat business is very important to us. Some of our clients have been with us for over 20 years," said Olshan. "Over the last three decades, we have been through many kinds of markets and each presents its own challenge. We have a pro-active marketing approach that embraces technology and social media. On the buyer side, we've got the knowledge, skills, research, data, and contacts to be able to direct the customer to the right deal. This is a professional's firm where every agent has a lot of experience and where the owner is always available to personally speak to any buyer or seller working with an agent of the firm. My name is on the door and nobody gets lost."

Donna Olshan is a graduate of George Washington University, the wife of Peter Bonventre, a three-time Emmy award winner, best selling author, and former magazine editor and ESPN commentator. She is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York and has served on the Board of City Lights Youth Theatre. She is the founder and board member of the Martin V. Bonventre Lectureship Series at Brooklyn Hospital which features world-renowned doctors speaking on various cutting-edge topics in the medical field.

Donna Olshan

Direct Phone: 212-751-3300 x110
Residence: 212-517-6617
Fax: 212-751-3577


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